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Manteo and Columbia, North Carolina Underage Drinking Defense Lawyer

Underage drinking is a common activity among high school and college-aged kids, but usually does not result in an arrest or charge. While a party may seem harmless, a criminal record can follow a minor and be detrimental, especially if it comes into the hands of a college admissions board or future employer. If you or your child has been caught drinking underage, it is important to consult with an experienced underage drinking defense lawyer as soon as possible. At Wheless & Wheless, PLLC, we are experienced in underage drinking defense and will aggressively assert your rights to limit damages.

When you are charged with underage drinking, you may face a lecture from the judge, fines and court costs, but your most serious problem may be your record. Contact us to limit your damages and prevent a damaging record that can be viewed by schools, future employers and security companies.

How will this affect my record?

An underage drinking offense must be reported when you apply to college, for many jobs, and could leave you with a record into adulthood. We will aggressively challenge the case against you if you were caught with alcohol in your possession or if you were charged with underage drinking.

For first time offenders

Courts are more lenient on first-time offenders. If you have never been charged before, we can seek to negotiate a minimal penalty on your behalf. When possible, we will negotiate for a lesser offense.

We are experienced in handling the underage drinking defense and minor alcohol offenses including:

  • Alcohol possession
  • Underage consumption
  • Underage drunk-driving
  • Expunctions


If you were charged with underage drinking or are facing charges, we are experienced in pursuing record expunctions to permanently destroy all records, including the arrest record. An expunction can prevent a future employer, school, or security company from locating prior records of arrest or charge.

Contact Wheless & Wheless, PLLC today for a free consultation with an experienced Manteo and Columbia, North Carolina lawyer. Our legal team provides aggressive, result-driven underage drinking defense.

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